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  • Wayfinders Wizards FAQ

    Wayfinders FAQ


    How can I join Wayfinders?
    You may join Wayfinders association of modern wizardry, this will provide you with access to the Wayfinders Academy and access to all of the wizards who teach, advise and learn as well as the course material that will guide you to find your Wyrd and train you as a wayfinder wizard. To join please go to our sign up site HERE

    What is the difference between a Wizard and a Wayfinder Wizard
    All human beings are born as wizards, as all have the potential to be come a wise-person, but a wizard who embarks on a higher level of learning and service becomes a Wayfinder wizard. Wayfinder wizards are Spiritual wizards, they develop a comprehensive understanding of the laws of the universe and they have a desire to help others through their own spiritual self improvement and usually become spiritual healers, Wayfinder wizards have an aura of love and good nature, to read more please visit our website here

    How can I access the wizard material?
    Some wizard material is available for free on our main website, some you need to purchase, ‘The Time Workshops’ is available from vendors. The main website has links to online book resellers or you may purchase direct from Wayfinders itself once you become a member, this is essential for you to make serious progress. The academy provides it’s own range of course and wizard material.

    Is there an age limit before I join?
    There is no age limit providing you are over 18.

    Can I download the wizard material?
    Some material in the academy is provided for download, some is not. There are also several documents you can download from our main website. The Four Laws of Spiritual Wizardry and Treeing.

    Do I get any qualifications from joining Wayfinders?
    You receive certificates of merit once you reach Novice wizard or above level.

    How long will it take me to pass the Wizard course?
    The time to rise through each level of wizardry varies from person to person, some are content at a certain level and some feel their Wyrd pulling them off to contribute to the universe elsewhere before they return and carry on from a new level or perhaps at the same level, if you put yourself into your learning then you will discover that growing never ends for a wayfinder wizard.

    How can I use wizardry in the real world?
    Wizardry has lots of value in the real world, as a wizard you will be looking for ways to bring balance to a situation, landscape or action somewhere using whatever skills you have gained as well as the ones you were born with. Wayfinders academy will teach you how to use your skills and help you re-discover the skills you never knew you had.

    How can I contact you to talk?
    You can contact a Wayfinder wizard either through the contact page on our main website if you are a member of the public or if you are a Wayfinder member you can contact a Wayfinder trustee or teacher from the internal messaging system for private chats or on the various forums that are available in the academy for your use. An email is also made available when you become a member.

    Do you do public workshops or talks about wizardry
    Yes we do, these events are published on our news letters as well as our facebook page. We also provide face to face course's to members if requested.