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    The 2016 Wayfinders Wizards Calendar is printed on high quality glossy paper and is designed to be displayed on a wall. The Calendar contains information on the waxing and waning Moon energies, the energy points where the veil between this Earthly reality and the 'other worlds' are at it's most flexible as well as the sacred holidays of the Solstice and Equinox's of the year. This Calendar is a must for all those who are on the Wizards path or Pagans who wish to have a great way to keep track of the natural seasonal and sacred celebrations of Mother Gaia.


    A3 size glossy print in colour (29.7 x 42.0cm, OR old school 11.69 x 16.53 inches) suitable for your wall.

    The calendar is sent to you through the UK postal system and will require a signature by the postman keeping it secure until you get it in your wonderful special hands, it will arrive coiled up in a cardboard tube keeping it safe from folds and crinkles.

    The Calendar costs £3.50 ($see currency convertor but about $4) plus postage (£5.50 UK or $15 for international buyers)

    we are happy to email you a digital copy if you wish to save on cost and you can print it off in your own size and quality of paper. A Digital copy is £1 ($1.40) and will be emailed as a PDF or PNG file, please state when ordering.

    To order please contact Wayfinders by email ''

    Payment will be made via our Paypal donation button on our website, we will request payment before we post. Many thanks for your love and kindness, all profits will help Wayfinders Association of Modern wizardry to cover it's costs of providing teaching and guidance to as many who may ask.